Bosanko Woodworks is downsizing its operation. We have many remaining custom, beautiful hand-crafted inventory items. Call now and ask about the promotions and discounts we are offering!
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About Bosanko Woodworks

Handcrafted furniture made by professional woodworkers is close by at Bosanko Woodworks. If you’re looking for beautiful wooden furniture to tie a room together, our furniture maker in Leadville, CO, is a great place to start.

We make custom cabinetry, dressers, tables, and more. Make an appointment today to view some of the fantastic furniture and specialty items we create!

Every project is unique! Projects depend on the wood available. Some jobs may not be able to be replicated exactly.

Custom Furniture Crafted With Integrity

Ron Bosanko has been a woodworker for over 45 years, and he's built a reputation for placing integrity at the heart of everything we do at Bosanko Woodworks. After cultivating a passion for building beautifully crafted wood furniture, we started to share that passion with our community.

Today, you’re able to get handmade furniture to suit your needs from our furniture store. Make an appointment to see the kind of furniture we can make for you. If we don't have what you're looking for, we also do custom work.

Colorado Forest Products

Partners in More Sustainable and Resilient Forests

Bosanko Woodworks is a proud member of the Colorado Forest Products Program™. This means that when you purchase your custom-made furniture, you are not only supporting our business and the economic well-being of our community but also the health and resiliency of our forests. A study by the Colorado State Forest Service found that over 90 percent of the wood products Coloradoans purchase annually are imported from out of state. Transportation of all these consumer wood products into Colorado alone represents a significant fossil fuel impact on our environment.

By purchasing your wood furniture from us, you help minimize these impacts and are assured knowing the wood we harvest and use to make our products is sourced locally from our own Colorado public and private forests. Most of the wood we use is from trees killed by pine beetle outbreaks. Maintaining a market for this wood helps us contribute to restoring these forests back to a sustainable and resilient condition. For more information on Colorado’s forests and the Colorado Forest Products program, click the link below.

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Our store is filled with beautiful custom woodwork created from only Colorado wood. Stop by our store today to explore our wide selection of custom woodwork or to see what we can create for you! 

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